WSACC Weekly Update Edition 5: 18th January 2013

January 25, 2013 Kathryn Mahoney Uncategorized

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Welcome to our fifth edition on how WSACC is progressing toward our opening for OSHC business on 29 January 2013.


1. Service Approval: We had the Department through today for review and have been informed we will be receiving approval shortly. This is the final step in official approvals, although we will have a follow up visit in 2-3 weeks as a review on operations. We are really pleased with this critical milestone achievement, and recognise (and thank) you all for your help and support over the last few weeks in getting the Centre ready. We waited to send this update out until today’s inspection.

2. Enrolments: The enrolment packages were sent out last Thursday and we are receiving responses in great numbers. As we are operating under a new approval, you will need to complete a new enrolment form. Once you have completed them, send them to WSACC. As a reminder, if you don’t have a printer / scanner at home, let Kathryn know and we will make alternative arrangements.

3. Open Days: We conducted the first open day on Wednesday 16 January. We had a huge turn out and we felt it was a fabulous event. Thanks to all of you who made it along. As a reminder, we are running another open day (with two sessions) at our new facility on Saturday:

Session 2: Saturday 19 January from 9:00-9:30 am.

Session 3: Saturday 19 January from 11:00-11:30 am

If you missed Wednesday, or want to come back for another look, we would love to see you and your children there.

4. Orientation Meetings: Orientation meetings between parents / caregivers / children / WSACC commenced this week and will continue next week.

The date and time for your individual meeting will be arranged with you personally by phone and email. Once you submit your enrolment forms, Kathryn or one of the Assistant Coordinators will call you and organise a time for the meeting.

Orientation meetings for existing families are expected to take around 20 minutes and will be run in both work and out of work hours. Please allow 45 minutes for a new enrolment meeting.

5. Transport Planning: As we identified last week, we have received an overwhelming number of “walking bus” requests – and have slightly modified the Transport Plan.

The main changes are:
• The meeting area at WSS has changed. After discussions with the WSS Principal, the meeting area for children is near the library, in the open space outside the computer lab doors and adjacent to the grade 2 classrooms.
Our educators will be clearly identified in their uniforms and will be wearing hi viz vests. Prep children will be met at their classroom by our educators; and

• Vehicle Transport has changed to Taxis. As the numbers of children scheduled for vehicle transport is low, we will start off by using maxi cabs with WSACC Educators on-board for the vehicle transfer (based upon numbers so far this may be the most efficient solution). WSACC will be supplying accredited booster seats for eligible children.

• We have revised the routes. After discussions with WSS we have revised the route plans for both walking and vehicle transport. These are provided below:


6. Setup at Bonython Street and Volunteers. We would like to say a big thank you to all the parents and our team members (our staff has volunteered their time to get the set up done) who turned up last Saturday and throughout this week Its looking great and all our key tasks have been completed for opening. We do still have lots of little maintenance and gardening jobs to do, so if you would like to volunteer some time to help please email Kathryn at WSACC on with your skills / preferences.


All plans are moving along well and we are ready to open on 29 January.

There are a couple of things we ask of you in this Update:

1. If you have yet to do your enrolment package can we ask that you complete the forms and send them through as quickly as possible.

2. If you can make it to one of the Open Day sessions this Saturday morning please come along.

That’s about all until our final Weekly Update next week before we commence operations. Thank you so much for your continuing support.

Yours sincerely,

WSACC Team and Parent Management Committee

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