Weekend Care

December 4, 2013 admin Weekly Update

On behalf of the Windsor School Age Care Centre (WSACC) committee, staff and local school community we are excited to announce that through a grant from the Australian Government’s Child Care Flexibility Fund, WSACC is now able to offer a ‘first of a kind’ weekend child care service in Brisbane.

Australian families are changing and more parents are working outside the traditional hours of 9am-5pm. The Child Care Flexibility Fund seeks to address these issues by supporting child care services to trial more flexible care approaches.

The purpose of this letter and brochure is to make you aware of the new service, seek your feedback and thoughts on the project, and to seek your early registration should the service be of interest to you. To register your interest, please visit  www.register.wsacc.org.au.

You may download our brochure on Weekend Care for further information.  Please address your questions and feedback to Kathryn Mahoney at the following e-mail address wsaccinc@bigpond.com.

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