WSACC programs multiple extracurricular activities with external and expert facilitators to build skills of the children and provide families relief from the sometimes endless routines of dropping off and picking up children at practice. We are responsive to the needs of families and always open to adding new, exciting extracurricular activities to our repertoire. We have built relationships with outside organisations such as the Brisbane Mandarin School and Shaw Park Tennis to offer the best of quality to our community. Additionally, we have experts on our staff to offer extracurricular activities such as French, Spanish and Mandarin languages, guitar, and keyboard. We strive to make these activities cost effective for families and fun and engaging for children.

WSACC initiates all external providers of extracurricular activities to procedures and flow of routine, and holds Blue Card information for all adults on site. For families that utilize childcare, Childcare Benefit and/or Rebate is applied to the fee for the activity as well as the childcare fee for the day. Community members who don’t use our service for childcare are always welcome to participate in extracurricular activities.

Transits are also facilitated to and from WSS for school based activities. ¬†Parents need to advise of their child’s schedule so that educators can be allocated to transits.

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Guitar Lessons

French & Spanish Languages


Keyboard Lessons



Private Tutoring