Any recurring questions that we receive at Windsor School Age Care Centre via email or other are posted here.  Please review these questions before submitting a new one.

What will happen if my child is sick?

It is anticipated that if your child is sick the school will notify you as per the School’s policy and that you or a delegate will collect the child prior to after School Care.

If the school is unaware and the child is collected by our educators, we will transfer that child immediately to the vehicle (bus / taxi) transport with bucket and we will immediately call you to collect you child.

See our Parent / Caregivers Handbook 2013: Policy 2.6 Illness and Injury:

1. An educator will promptly telephone a parent/caregiver if a child has been involved in an accident or becomes ill where further medical advice/treatment should be sought. Qualified staff will administer basic First Aid only. If contact cannot be made and it is necessary to seek medical attention immediately, an ambulance will be called and the child will be taken to hospital.

2. Children who become ill at the Centre will be provided an area this is as quiet as possible with a sick bed/couch to rest while their parents/caregivers are contacted. Parents/caregivers are requested to advise the Centre (via enrolment forms) of their child’s particular health needs, including medication.

Will my child be escorted to class?

Prep children will always be escorted to, and collected from their classroom. Other children will be supervised by our educators at the meeting area near the library, in the open space outside the computer lab doors and adjacent to the grade 2 classrooms until the bell rings.

Where will my child meet WSACC educators at WSS?

• After discussions with the WSS Principal, the meeting area for children is near the library, in the open space outside the computer lab doors and adjacent to the grade 2 classrooms. • Our educators will be clearly identified in their uniforms and will be wearing hi viz vests. Prep children will be met at their classroom by our educators.

Where do I park? How do I get in/out?

• There is on site and street parking at St Mary of the Cross School. Kathryn will be showing people exactly where the entrance and exit driveways are, and where parking is permitted at the open days on 16 and 19 January, and will walk each parent though at orientation / on request. • There is plenty of street parking in Bonython St Windsor.

What happens if I’m late getting here (e.g. after 8.30am)?

• As we are transporting a large number of children to and from WSS we must depart WSACC no later than 8.40am. • For those children from Windsor State School that utilise either the vehicle or “walking bus” transport arrangements, the child(ren) must be dropped off and signed into WSACC no later than 08.30 am for Before School Care. • Parents who drop off their children after this time incur a late fee equal to 1 ½ times the extra wages paid for one (1) educator for the time they are required to walk the child(ren) from WSACC to Windsor State School.

My child was enrolled previously do I need to fill in a new enrollment form?

• Yes, as we are operating under a new approval, you will need to complete a new enrolment form. • These have been sent out to you last week. Once you have completed them, send them to WSACC.

What happens in the rain with the walking bus?

We have purchased disposable rain proof ponchos that will be carried by educators if it rains.

Where do I sign in?

• The sign in area will be at the St Mary of the Cross School Library until we get the house at 12 Bonython St set up. • Kathryn will be showing people exactly where the sign in area is at the open days on 16 and 19 January, and will walk each parent though at orientation / on request.

Will there be catering at the new location?

• At the moment we don’t have a food licence from BCC, although we are getting this sorted over the next few days. • Once we have the kitchen fully licensed we will be catering exactly as we did at WSS. • We will have a kitchen that is as capable as our old one; we just need a couple of weeks work to get it operational (getting tradesmen over the break was a bit of a nightmare. • In the interim, we will be serving high quality, highly nutritious snacks that are made both on and off site. • We just won’t be able to cook home meals etc. for a couple of weeks. Children will still get great food.

Is WSACC offering holiday care for children?

Yes, WSACC is offering holiday care for children starting in the Easter holidays 2013. Due to the move to our new location at St Mary of the Cross School (formerly Holy Rosary School) we are unable to provide vacation care over the 2012 Christmas break holiday (from 17 December 2012 to 29 January 2013).

Where is the administration building for WSACC?

The WSACC office is temporarily located within the library of the St Mary of the Cross School (formerly Holy Rosary School) on Bonython Street, Windsor. Shortly the office will be located at a custom site at 12 Bonython St Windsor. There is plenty of parking behind the administration building which has signs indicating the main office area.


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