Testimonials from Some of Our Parents / Caregivers

Mr C Windsor

“…I have been a user of other school age care in other schools in Queensland and I have never encountered a provider that compares with WSACC.

The WSACC staff delivers an exceptional service that is so full of joy and commitment to the children that I can have absolute confidence in my daughters nurture in their hands. The range and safety of activities is fabulous and the staff possess a friendly supportive attitude combined with a readiness to acknowledge the parents and take the time to engage in a serious shared caring way.

The simplicity and accuracy of their administrative management is welcome for me as a busy parent. My daughter is so enthusiastic for that time after school when she gets to meet and play with fellow students across the age spectrum. She never has a bad word to say about her time there and sometimes has asked me to go away and do shopping while she continues to play with her mates. I sometimes agree and leave her to knowing that she is really happy. There can be no greater compliment.

The formula for the WSACC activities is rich and varied sufficiently for all children to engage with something interesting and enriching.

Compared to the care at her previous school where after school care was provided by the [Removed], the WSACC service is light years ahead. At her previous school there was no joy, absolute regimentation, scarce resources and the attitude of staff was just depressing. The parents I spoke with shunned the program and I met no child with a good word for it. The WSACC on the other hand is soundly supported by every parent I meet and the children are obviously loving it.

The committed local provider WSACC is created and directed by the very people with the most committed investment in quality: the school community of parents and in my view there is no better formula for success and child development…”


“…Windsor School Age Care Centre is a unique service unlike any other school age care service I have visited in my past experience (of twelve years) as a Children’s Services TAFE Teacher and assessor. The service caters to the needs of many diverse families and children from both the school where it is located and the local community.

Key strengths of the service include its’ inclusiveness; respect for individual children and respect for families. Strong relationships are built with both individual children and their families. This is displayed constantly when staff interact with children by: communicating openly; getting involved in children’s games and play; listening to children’s suggestions and ideas and following these through; and offering a variety of choices for children to select from.

The service is extremely well resourced and displays reflexivity by responding to suggestions made by children, staff and parents positively. For example children’s ideas are incorporated into the curriculum in a timely fashion wherever practical. Parents are also asked for suggestions and a suggestion box is provided for all to access at any time. Alternatively staff can be approached face to face or emailed ideas are responded to.

Communication between the service and families is open, prompt and concise. Emails are sent regularly and responded to, curriculum is summarised in newsletters and in vacation care programs. All staff always demonstrate pleasure when working with children and are approachable, warm and friendly.

Working families who return to the service at the end of a long day are able to access fresh fruit and frozen meals to purchase and take home to lessen the stress and weariness of evening routines at home – an amazing bonus to have at the weary end of a long day.

The service has successfully incorporated sustainability into the curriculum in innovative ways. Children are encouraged to recycle and compost, there is a portable vegie garden, worm farm and compost heap which the children assist staff in maintaining.

Technology has also been successfully included in a positive and exiting manner. Children have times when they are able to use IPads and computers to play educational games or to record their experiences to share with their family via a personal blog.

Children are encouraged to get involved in extracurricular activities (after school) organised by the school or the school aged care service such as chess, Auskick, Alpha tykes, martial arts etc. If children and parents choose not to be involved in these activities there are plenty of activities for children to choose from within the service.

Kathryn Mahoney has successfully identified key staff strengths and assigned roles within the service accordingly. For example there is an art facilitator, a horticulturist and sustainability facilitator, and a cook who prepares meals for children, ensures the fridge and freezer are stocked with freshly cooked evening meals for families and late afternoon snacks. Cooked evening meals and snacks has become a wonderful fundraising opportunity for the service and many new resources have been purchased for the children just by having this available for families.

The Vacation Care Program incorporates lots of exciting excursions as well as engaging activities at the service. My child excitedly arrives at vacation care to be greeted by his friends and staff with lots of choices for play during the day or a trip to the skate rink, Arts Theatre, park, cultural centre etc. At times there are carnival days or key focus days at the service which have exciting and unusual activities to engage children. The program is extremely well planned and organised and children well supervised both within the service and during excursions. If my son chooses down time this is catered for also with space for relaxation and quiet time.

The service is truly a “home away from home” with responsive adults who care and enjoy children’s company and child focussed experiences for children who attend. Both children and parents are made feel at home in a comfortable, relaxed environment full of fun and excitement…”

Ms N Windsor

“…WSACC provide an amazing professional and caring service that is the envy of schools in the area. This is a highly organized service that caters for all the needs of students and parents. My younger non school age children often ask how old they have to be until they can attend WSACC because they see how much their older sister enjoys it…”

Mr and Mrs S Windsor

“…We have three children attending Windsor State School over a period of six years. Over this period we have observed the activity of the WSACC each morning and afternoon. We have always been impressed by the interaction between the staff and children. It is obvious the children love the activities offered and the staff. Our children finally got the chance to join in the fun earlier this year when they attended a before school and after school session each week at WSACC. It was such a relief to us to be handing our children over to familiar faces. Kathryn Mahoney made our children feel welcome, safe and excited about being there. We were extremely grateful to Kathryn for making this an easy transition.

Our children can’t wait to get to before school care on Thursday mornings and beg us not to pick them up too earlier when they attend on Friday afternoon. Each time they come home with stories to tell about their activities and how much they like the staff. Our Daughter has developed a passion for gardening thanks to “Rob, the Gardner” and has started her own veggie patch at home. We have noticed an increase in each of our children’s confidence since attending WSACC. We feel their interaction with the caring and attentive staff has been a major contributor to this.

WSACC being an Non Profit Organisation has also been reassuring to us. We are grateful to Kathryn for proving such a wonderful service, she has established a strong community within our school and the children love every minute they have been there…”

Ms C Windsor

“…As you may recall our son [Removed] was with you for the first two terms of his Prep days this year. He is now at [Removed] State School, whose after school care programme is being run by [Removed]. The school itself is fantastic and we have no concerns with that aspect. However, your programme and staff run rings around our current experience of the outside school hours service.

While there is some pleasant staff, there are some staff who have no interest or commitment to ensuring the children are stimulated and encouraged to be active, despite what you might read on the [Removed] website and promotional material. We had the best at Windsor with you and your team so anything else has a very high standard to match up to. One of the fantastic elements was the inclusion of former Windsor students on your team which [Removed] really loved telling me about.

I also think [Removed] was treated not just as a little boy but allowed to grow up a little bit as well by deciding what activities he wanted pursue but still being cared for by people who really connected with him…”

Mr and Mrs B Windsor

“…Our family has two children enrolled with WSACC for regular before and after school care. Our boys, [Removed] (8; grade 3) and [Removed] (6; prep) are precious to us and we know that they are extremely well cared for, educated and motivated by Kathryn and her wonderful team.

We could never hope for a better organisation to undertake this challenging and critical to children’s welfare service. The reputation, performance and care afforded by WSACC was one of the key reasons we selected Windsor State School for our children.

We have been sending our oldest child, [Removed], to WSACC since he was five and he views all the staff as part of his extended family.

We know that the WSACC staff treat all the children in turn as part of their family – this is demonstrated in their detailed knowledge of each child under their care, and the magnificent and generous amount of time they spend to make the kids fell welcomed, cared for and well educated. WSACC is the provider we want to continue to look after our children…”

Ms B Windsor

“…I am a high end user of the services of WSACC (Mon – Fri) with before and after school care for my two sons. One has been attending for 3 yrs/10 mths and the other, 10 mths. In my professional opinion as well as a parental opinion I could not be more satisfied with the extraordinary service and quality of personal service WSACC provide to my children and myself.

It is a well organised and structured learning environment for the children that also provide a very personal and nurturing touch to both the children and to the parents. Difficult to achieve! My children are my gauge and they enthusiastically attend for a variety of reasons. E.g. the vast range of activities they can engage in, the rapport with the Carers, the nutritional and tasty food provided. WSACC have clearly demonstrated to me over the years they strive to go beyond expectations. They have engaged outside providers for activities solely for the children. They have considered working parents in their busy schedules with providing quality low cost take home meals. They have agility in encapsulating the whole family needs.

To summon up my few words; without the confidence and faith in an organisation as WSACC, many families in the community would be faced with decisions of remaining in the workforce as opposed to reconsidering a lesser provider.

On a personal note, over the years I have received comments regarding WSACC, Kathryn Mahoney and her team from parents outside of the community stating that throughout the ‘educational channels’ the reputation of WSACC is far superior. An enormous gratification for any parent to hear and for Kathryn and her team!..”

Ms O Windsor

“…My son, [Removed] visits WSACC from the day one in the Windsor school, including before school, after school and vacation care. I’m extremely happy with a service you provide here. This is a second school for my son (he’s at Windsor SS starting from year two). As people say, everything could be noticed in comparison. I’m afraid there’s just a few schools that could boast of having before/after school care centre with that amount of all sort of activities, which are utilized to evoke children’s interest to something outside of computers games and TV. Nowadays it is not so easy.

I believe that my child’s words: “Mum, why did you come so early? I haven’t yet finished …this or that” can better be used to describe our attitude. I’m happy to see him doing art at one day, playing sport at another, riding fancy bicycle the other day and building the wooden city the week after. A separate word about vacation care: every day there’s a new interesting activity: cinema, bike riding, picnics, museums, etc. it’s hard to remember all options.

Of course, there’s a huge role of Kathryn and a whole WSACC team. Most of them are young with full head of ideas with love in heart to what they are doing. Surely, children feel this attitude and this makes WSACC so popular (there are even children there whose mums do not work and can take them earlier).

Finally, I’d like to highlight extended (as to other ASC) working hours (up to 6.30 p.m), which sometimes are very critical when both parents are working. Very flexible daily fee politics and accurate invoicing.

Thank you, Kathryn for your ideas and service…”

Ms G Windsor

“…My family has been using WSACC for the past 15 years while my children have been at Windsor State School. Being involved in WSACC program has been the most wonderful and enriching experience and has allowed me to be able to work outside school hours and know that my children are safe and well cared for.

I think one of the best things about WSACC is how they have strived to create a nurturing and supportive home-like environment while still providing many different activities and programs to keep children occupied. For children that may spend significant amounts of time at WSACC due to their parents work commitments I think this it is absolutely essential. They have also tailored the programs and space to ensure that they are able to cater to the different age groups and needs of the incredibly diverse group of children that attend the centre every day.

Both my children have attended from early school years right through to year 7 and no matter their current age or need I have felt that the staff at the centre have responded to this and worked hard to create an environment where everyone feels they belong.

Overall my experience with staff have been overwhelmingly positive, they have been role models to my children and have always treated them with respect, kindness and understanding while setting firm boundaries and providing opportunities for them to learn and grow.

I also feel that the staff at the Centre are very skilled at responding to difficult and challenging behaviors and when my children have either acted out or been the recipient of other children’s bad behavior staff have always responded quickly and effectively to address these behaviors and put measures in place to reduce any recurrences.

I believe the philosophy and values that the WSACC holds as a small non profit organisation has been a key factor in their success and effectiveness…”

Mr H Windsor

“…WSACC is truly exceptional place that my children ask to be at, even at times when I do not need them to be there. It is a measure of the fun and stimulating environment you have created that if I turn up to collect [Removed] and [Removed] earlier than usual (eg at 5.30 rather than 6.30 – so they have already had 2 ½ hours at WSACC) I am met by a chorus of complaints and disappointment that they have to leave while they are still having so much fun.

The homework service you provide is indispensable, as it is too late for [Removed] and [Removed] to do their homework once they get home to me.

The vacation care is second to none, with fun and imaginative activities and outings every day. Above all, the support and kindness shown to my son [Removed], welcoming him to the centre for vacation care, providing one on one support, and including him in activities and outings is without comparison.

[Removed] has severe autism with challenging behaviours that his schools are finding difficult to cope with, so the fact that he can fit in and be comfortable at WSACC is a testament to the environment you have created. I have had experience of other outside school age care providers at [Removed]’s current school and it has been extremely disappointing – a place of waiting rather than of fun, and somewhere that [Removed] (and, from the look of it, many of the other children) do not want to be…”

Ms K Windsor

“…I just wanted to let you know how much our family values WSACC. Our daughter [Removed] loves attending WSACC 4 days a week before and after school, despite being only 6 years old. This is a result of the extremely high quality service WSACC provides that ensures our children are mentally and physically stimulated for in a caring community environment. The level of professionalism, care and genuine interest in the children is displayed consistently by each and every staff member on a daily basis.

[Removed] has the opportunity to partake in a wide variety of activities we could only dream of offering her at home, which means a lot to us as she likes to be constantly engaged in activity. I notice that all children are treated with respect and as individuals and are also expected to uphold the WSACC values, that synchronise and strengthen Windsor State School’s strong values. I just couldn’t be happier with WSACC and I look forward to sending my 4 year old son next year who I am confident will thrive at WSACC, despite being the youngest in the school.

The peace of mind WSACC offers parents is something we value dearly…”

Ms T Windsor

“…I am writing to express my pleasure in dealing with WSACC for the last ten years.

All the staff over the years have been approachable, friendly and welcoming both to parents and children. Both my daughters have commented on how much they like different staff and have fun doing activities with them. The staff are well trained and work well with the children.

Knowing that my children are well looked after is a real relief to any working parent.

On a final note, Kathryn has always been most approachable with any concerns and flexible when changes to my work schedule have needed to be worked out with care.


Mr and Mrs T Windsor

“…As an early educator it was very important for myself and my husband to find not only a school but a before and after school facility that would meet our family’s needs. WSACC is outstanding – from the start I went with my gut instinct as a parent & I knew that WSACC was a nurturing and caring environment that looked after the needs of all the children in it’s care, over the past 2 years this has been confirmed time & time again.

A well organised day is planned every day to engage the children, staff are allocated areas to interact & supervise children, and children are always monitored and contactable when parents arrive. Staff greet parents and children (by name) on arrival & departure which is a difficult task with so many families on their books.

Fantastic healthy food is provided for breakfast / afternoon tea & occasionally pasta is bought for dinner.

I have friends who don’t work & their children are begging them to go to WSACC, what more can I say!

We are very grateful for the stimulating & exciting experiences and care provided to our daughter during morning, afternoon and vacation care. We respect these dedicated educator / carer’s who deserve a lot more credit for their continual quality care & programs provided.

Kathryn is the back bone of this organisation with many fantastic staff who truly care about their profession…”

Mr and Mrs W Windsor

“…Our son [Removed] has been attending WSACC since 2008. Due to our work commitments, [Removed] attends every morning, afternoon and during the school holidays.

As a parent you constantly worry about your children especially during non-school hours and this is where WSACC do a fantastic job in a number of areas which your staff demonstrate on a daily basis.
These include but are not limited to:
– The friendliness of the staff towards our son and other members of my family.
– The communication processes including face to face, notice board, email and phone.
– The compassion and empathy shown if Joshua is not feeling well.

WSACC provides a safe, exciting and friendly environment which constantly changes to challenge the kids and keep it interesting. The activities which are held during Vacation time are excellent and are always undertaken with the safety of the children in mind.

The WSACC team are a wonderful group of people which have had limited staff changes over the last 5 years. This retention of staff speaks for itself.

My family has recently moved to another suburb which is 20 km away. On saying that, we have enrolled our daughter [Removed] for 2013, because of all the behaviours which are mentioned above.

We highly recommend WSACC to any family looking for before & after school care & vacation care…”

Ms D Windsor

“…WSACC provides a standard of excellence in all areas of service including administration, safety, learning activities, physical activities and general fun.

WSACC is extremely well organised which results in outstanding turn around times for administration queries and any general questions or concerns.

It also means that the staff and children always know what is happening and what is expected from them.

I cannot fault this service and I feel very grateful that my children are so well cared for when I’m at work…”

Ms A Windsor

“…As a parent who doesn’t use the service often but really relies on it during school holidays whilst I work I do get a little nervous about sending the kids along.

BUT whenever I arrive to drop them off or pick them up the staff all know the names of my kids and where they are playing and who they have been with and can tell me any problems the kids have had during the day settling in etc.

I love that I know I can drop the kids off and feel very comfortable that they are in good hands and will always be made to feel included even if their friends are not there.

I don’t really care about the equipment or what’s on offer re “entertainment” but I do care about the wellbeing of my kids and the attention given to make them feel included is top priority for me and WSACC certainly delivers that so very well. I also think the price and value for money is exceptional (including the great price for meals).

The staff are a fantastic asset to the service…”

Ms L Windsor

“…We are very happy with the service being provided. It is well planned, varied and provides many opportunities for children to find something that is of interest to them during the extra hours they need to stay at school while parents are at work. The staff is very approachable and genuinely care for our children.

The convenience of being able to use the service at short notice also without any issue, is fantastic, as plans are constantly changing in the busy lives of families from day to day…”

Ms Mc Windsor

“…Since I moved here from NSW in 2006 under unfavourable circumstances, Kathryn and her team have provided excellent care and support for my children enabling me to feel comfortable as a newly single mother to pursue full-time employment to provide stability for my boys. The extra help with ensuring homework is completed, vacation programs and the encouragement they provide to the children is unlike anything I have witnessed before. Thank you WSACC, I sincerely hope you can continue to give the same opportunities to other children & their family…”

Mr and Mrs C Windsor

“…WSACC has provided my children a safe, fun and educational service for the last 3 years. I strongly feel the team of staff here have been absolutely wonderful and have never once had any negative feed back to how WSACC is run.

They have a genuine interest in every child who attends and treats each one exactly the same, this also extends to the children with disabilities they are so happy and engaged in activities.

Regarding the financial running, again I have never had any problems and any questions are dealt with in a professional manner by all staff…”

Ms G Windsor

“…Our family is new to Windsor State School this year and in the months leading up to starting the school year, I was amazed by the number of comments made by other families who use WSACC on a regular basis.
They did not just say “it is great”, they raved on about what a fantastic program is offered and how dedicated the staff that run the program are. I never heard a negative comment.

On those recommendations we booked my son (aged 5 and in Prep at Windsor) to attend WSACC two afternoons each week. He has a fantastic time and always has stories to tell about afternoon tea, organised activities on the oval and general fun playing with children of all ages.

In the past 9 months of attendance we have not had a single complaint and I cannot speak highly enough of the care and interest that each of the staff take with the children.

We have always used private child care with a Nanny at home, so this was certainly a new experience for us.

I can only say thank you to Kathryn for her dedicated and professional management of the program and her hands on commitment to caring for the children.

It would be very difficult to find another organisation who could run this program and tick all the boxes such as WSACC does…”

Ms D Windsor

“…The WSACC provides a truly exceptional service and I cannot speak highly enough of our experience. My son asks to go on the days he is not in their care. My daughters attend a private girls’ school where the after-hours care is run by a national, corporate service provider. It is a pale shadow of the offering at Windsor and the quality of care, consistency of staff and activities/facilities provided are totally inferior. It is also much more expensive. If I could find a way to get my girls to Windsor in the afternoons, I would and I send them to vacation care at Windsor rather than to their own school because it is just so much better and they enjoy it so much. WSACC is well-run, reliable, safety-conscious and fun for the children…”

Mr and Mrs P Windsor

“…I would like to take the opportunity to provide support for WSACC with Kathryn and her staff to continue providing the excellent service they do to our children and the community.

We have been privileged to have had our daughter attend before and after school care as well as vacation care for the past seven years. The philosophy of the WSACC program and staff have assisted her in growing into a responsible and confident young woman. The staff have always provided excellent care in a professional yet sensitive and caring way taking into account the individual requirements of all the children. The team actively participate in the wider school community through involvement in fairs, working bees and other activities.

The service provided is cost effective and the food provided is always healthy and of high quality.

I cannot speak more highly of the service and care provided by the current team…”

D and L F Windsor

“…As you know we were knew to the school this year arriving in March. We greatly appreciated the support the Centre provided to [Removed] and [Removed] both before they started and once they were attending. You might remember I was arranging the enrolment from Melbourne and I found this to be a very easy process which ran smoothly.

The Centre has a large number of children enrolled and we were very impressed that after [Removed] and [Removed] started you remembered their names and followed up with us as to how they were settling in and any comments we have. Both the children really enjoy attending the before and after school hours and we particularly like the number of additional activities offered by WSACC such as language lessons and dance classes…”

Ms K-G Windsor

“…I have 4 sons and all of them have/do attend Windsor State School. All of my sons have also attended after-school care at Windsor School Age Care Centre throughout the last 6-7 years, on a regular basis.

I have continued to be impressed with the very high standard of care shown by the staff at Windsor School Age Care Centre. Kathryn runs the place with much care and attention and that is obvious by the happy children as well as by the motivated staff. The staff that work at Windsor School Age Care Centre don’t seem to change very much. In fact a great majority of these people have worked there for years. They know our children and they know our families and they are committed to demonstrating excellent values every day. All of the staff, especially Kathryn, makes the time and effort to develop real relationships with all of the children and because of that, Windsor School Age Care Centre is a very nurturing environment for my children.

Over the years I have had incidences where my children have behaved badly and/or I have had to discuss issues with Kathryn or some of the other staff at Windsor School Age Care Centre. Anything like this has always been handled with respect and dignity and has been very easy to move on from. Everyone at Windsor School Age Care Centre was also a great support to my family (by their awesome care) when we were going through separation issues.

I love the way that they also care for children with disabilities. I believe that this opportunity for children to mix with a variety of different people is such a valuable part of their development of maturity and empathy. Everyone at Windsor School Age Care Centre is included and respected and the staff go to great efforts to keep the activities varied and interesting for all. Additionally I have also admired they way that the staff at Windsor School Age Care Centre have also supported our school with fundraising activities and school improvements.

There is no way that anyone could provide a more professional and personable service as they consistently achieve at Windsor School Age Care Centre. In fact, I can’t think of anything at all that the staff at Windsor School Age Care Centre could actually improve on as they do such a great job…”

Ms K Windsor

I would not want for any other organization to take your place. You operate a wonderful care environment for the children where they are safe happy stimulated and secure. I would be devastated if this situation were to change. I rely on the fact of knowing the boys are in your care to enable me to have confidence to work the hours I now do. I don’t feel guilty leaving the boys with you as they love it. We are holidaying at Airlie beach and [Removed] can’t wait to go home because he is missing out on vacation care!

Ms A

“…My daughter started at WSACC at the start of second term this year.

During our interview with Kathryn, she made me and my daughter feel very welcome. Her friendliness to my daughter helped a lot in asking her feel better about the change in after school hour care. It also made me less worried about my daughter. Kathryn also made sure that if we had any issues with WSACC, it will be taken care of promptly.

The facilities / toys / activities offered by WSACC is very very good and widely varied. I find everything very impressive specially compared with [Removed] Centre, which was a very big organisation. The messages on the walls regarding differences, acceptances and bullying create a very friendly and positive atmosphere.

The healthy food choices are great and it encourages my daughter to try some things, considering that she is a very picky eater.

The fees are very reasonable and the staffs are great in what they do. Their patience is amazing and they are very friendly. The opening times make me, a sole parent working full time, relax knowing that I do not have to rush through traffic to get to my daughter before closing time…”

Mr H Windsor

“…My sons [Removed] and [Removed] both attend WSACC. [Removed] has attended for almost four years and [Removed] is in his first year.

My wife and I are extremely happy with the service and the staff. We have complete confidence that our kids are receiving an outstanding level of care and attention whilst at WSACC. Our boys are always happy to attend the variety of the activities in the centre is excellent. The vacation care excursions are also always well organised and priced.

From my observations in the centre over the past 4 years children are always encouraged to participate, make friends and have fun! Kathryn, Alea, Jess and the other staff are always looking for new funs activities for the kids to take part in.

We feel communication between staff and their level of knowledge about our children’s personalities and needs is nothing short of amazing considering how many different children attend the centre. The security of our kids is ever in doubt and staff at the centre take this very seriously without limiting the development of our kid’s independence.

WSACC is providing an excellent service that we always recommend to parents who are new to the school or have not used the service in the past…”

Ms C Windsor

“…I have used the WSACC for the past 6 years for my son (yr 6) and daughter (yr 1). Kathryn and her team have provided my children with exceptional care which is personable, caring, safe, creative, yet firm but fair. Simple and easy processes are in place to enable me to book and pay for our care needs. For this I am very appreciative. There is always a level of guilt a parent experiences when using care in trying to balance family and work commitments; however this is diminished due to the wonderful environment at WSACC. Kathryn and her team are to be commended for this…”

Ms D Windsor

“…I felt compelled to write to you and express my thanks and gratitude for all the support you have shown our family over the last four years.

When our eldest daughter started at WSACC in Prep 2009, it was after 6 months of her constant begging “Can I go to after school care – it looks so much fun!”. If [Removed] had her way, she would have been there every afternoon!

The following year, I returned to work, having had 7 years out of the work force. With three young children I was nervous about the impact it would have on the family. [Removed] of course was delighted as she could have more days at ASC! Our second daughter, [Removed], however was another story. At that stage, she was shy, reserved and had just found out she was doing Prep again the following year. She was lacking confidence, unsure where she fitted in and did not want to have to go to ASC care. Early on there were tears, tantrums and battles all round.

One day having picked my baby up from childcare and arriving at Windsor feeling a little fragile and having doubts as to whether I was doing the right thing by the family, I spoke to you Kathryn. You may not recall the conversation but it was certainly a turning point for me. You not only told me the kids were/ would be fine, you also told me that it was important for me to have my own time and my own life. It may be something simple, but it had such a positive impact on me.

Of course [Removed] is now confident, outgoing and loves being at ASC with all her friends (new and old). They are both always so excited when it is vacation care and eagerly await the program being released so they can choose the days they are going.

Our youngest daughter [Removed] has 12 months to wait and is counting down until she too can come along and enjoy the fun.

As parents, we feel so privileged at the care provided to our children. It is such a relief to know that whilst we are away from our family, people are caring about our children as we would. The stability of the staff over the last 4 years has been impressive. In an industry where turnover is high, it has been wonderful that our children have had constants in their lives. The staff know everyone! I am always amazed, it doesn’t matter if it is me, my husband or my mother, everyone knows us the minute we walk in the gate. I am also thank you for the consideration and understanding shown towards [Removed] who has [Removed]. Nothing is ever too much trouble when it comes to food options for her. On the food point – with our busy lives, the food and meals for sale have saved me more than once when there was nothing in the fridge!! A fabulous service.

Again thank you Kathryn, for the amazing job you and the team do for us and our children…”

Ms C Windsor

“…My children have been attending WSACC for over three years, and I have been consistently impressed with the high level of care they provide, in particular:
• The personalised attention given to each child. Despite the large number of children attending every carer seems to know my children by sight and by name.
• The diverse range of activities provided, catering to all age groups and interests.
• The range and quality of food provided (my children frequently request that I produce the same things at home)
• The professionalism with which the administrative aspects of the business are managed. Any minor issues I have experienced have been dealt with politely and promptly.
• The willingness to provide flexibility in care arrangements (ie. last-minute bookings), demonstrating an understanding of the real-life complexity of family life.

After three years of using WSACC, I have nothing but praise for the service and the staff. I am happy to be contacted to provide further information if desired…”