What will happen if my child is sick?

January 21, 2013 admin

It is anticipated that if your child is sick the school will notify you as per the School’s policy and that you or a delegate will collect the child prior to after School Care.

If the school is unaware and the child is collected by our educators, we will transfer that child immediately to the vehicle (bus / taxi) transport with bucket and we will immediately call you to collect you child.

See our Parent / Caregivers Handbook 2013: Policy 2.6 Illness and Injury:

1. An educator will promptly telephone a parent/caregiver if a child has been involved in an accident or becomes ill where further medical advice/treatment should be sought. Qualified staff will administer basic First Aid only. If contact cannot be made and it is necessary to seek medical attention immediately, an ambulance will be called and the child will be taken to hospital.

2. Children who become ill at the Centre will be provided an area this is as quiet as possible with a sick bed/couch to rest while their parents/caregivers are contacted. Parents/caregivers are requested to advise the Centre (via enrolment forms) of their child’s particular health needs, including medication.

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